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Weak culture brings disadvantages. People had difficult to know their own culture, and had so less notions to learn other cultural expressions. It makes easy to the great media power to release pretender novelties which shows the other tricks with new varnish.

In last December 21st, the 89 FM from São Paulo returned the original orientation released at the end of 1985 and popularized in the 90s. The 89 FM, although has known as "A Rádio Rock", words included on the radio logomark, was not a real rock'n'roll station, adopting doubtful procedures that was very near to the conventional dancing pop stations.

The 89 FM started as a changed name from the former Pool FM station, released in the 89,1 mhz from the São Paulo FM radio band. In December 02, Pool was replaced by the "89 FM A Rádio Rock" station, officially announced as a great alternative radio station with a strong commercial department.

There will be a great notice, if 89 FM had not adopted the pop stations standards to the schedule and speaking. The 89 DJs speakes like pop dance broadcasters, and the music playlist is limited in quantity and quality, as usually we see on hit-parade powerful stations.

It makes the 89 FM very weak and powerless to be a real rock station. And Brazil had so better rock'n'roll stations, as Fluminense FM on Niterói city and 97 Rock on the Santo André, a city from the Great São Paulo region, in the 80s.

The original rock radio stations had different style of locution, schedule and mentality. Fluminense and 97 Rock avoided to adopt pop languages and their youngster languages were so careful enough to not being silly. The two radio stations had no foolish speakers in their golden times and the playlist didn't limited to work the hit-parade method to play only 60 commercial hits at all the time.

But the 89 FM station, even in its better times, was always inclined to do hit-parade method. The radio started assuming a position contrary to the original rock radio stations: to inspire explicitally from the Music Television (MTV) language and mentality.

In first years, the 89 FM adopted the "anti-radio" formula which was nothing than a loose imitation of the original Fluminense FM style, but adapted to the commercial demands. 89 FM started playing in its music repertory some rock classic songs and some alternative and indie rock songs.

But in the 90s, 89 FM became a mere hit-parade station dedicated to rock music. The 89 FM station had never a rock'n'roll state of spirit, being just a simple broadcasting jukebox playing rock'n'roll greatest hits and much of commercial artists worksongs.

The playlist emphasis works on some greatest hits of the very popular rock'n'roll artists, as Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd (only the progressive years), Ozzy Osbourne and U2, grunge artists and derivatives as Alice In Chains, Queens Of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters, and commercial rock'n'roll staff as Guns N'Roses, Mötley Crüe, Presidents of the USA, Bloodhound Gang and Alice Cooper.

The authentic rock'n'roll brazilian fans and specialists didn't like the 89 FM profile. But the press media and Brasil Rock musicians accepted this profile for benefit to commercial success the radio station can develop in Brazil.

Lots of complaints from rock'n'roll brazilian specialists pulled down the pretending rock'n'roll schedule of 89 FM station. In some years, the 89 became a simple teen pop station, playing entertainers like Britney Spears, Beyoncé Knowles and One Direction. But business interests looking for the international gig industry in Brazil made the alleged "A Rádio Rock" to return to be on the air.

Despite the exaggerated praise and positive comments being so unfounded and out of reality, the 89 FM return had not meant a great rock'n'roll station rising on Brazil. In contrary, the 89 FM came back keeping the same hit-parade playlist and teeny pop language which make the station so far to be a real rock'n'roll station.

From the patterns of Brazilian people's misinformation, the 89 FM seems a great rock'n'roll station. But, from the worldwide patterns of rock'n'roll radio working, 89 FM sounds so fake and parodic. 89 FM is not meant to be the best rock'n'roll station of the world.

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